We are experts in the delicate process of finding the right feed balance for your animals. We will work relentlessly to solve any problem you encounter in growing your pigs, ruminants and/ or poultry whether it involves e-coli, salmonella, enterobacteria, mold, mycotoxins or under-performance issues.

We can also help you to find solutions to prevent your feed from molding; our products provide better preservation resulting in a prolonged shelf life.

All our products will eventually lead to a healthy natural growth and better performance of your animals, resulting in higher profitability. One of the many ways we can promote healthy growth is by developing products free of antibiotics, that, however, have similar or better effects.

The NuSana suite of products includes:

  • Strong antibacterial acidifiers
  • Acidification with buffer capacity control
  • Mycotoxin aids
  • Flavoring & Antibacterial essential oils
  • Mould inhibition program

NuSana products are available globally. Call us to learn more about our problem-solving products.