The NuSana Suite of products includes supplements and additives that are geared towards the best possible gut health of your pigs and newly weaned piglets, resulting in the utmost performance. We are nutritional experts in the area of pigs, piglets and sows. Our products include swine feed additives, feed ingredients and premixes. Our pig feed solutions are available Worldwide.

Our NuSana suite of pig feed and feed supplements includes:


E.coli diarrhea with piglets is a frequent problem, resulting in low growth rates, high feed conversion and increased medicine cost. We understand the problems that arise when the pH-level in a piglet’s stomach remains high. We also know diarrhea outbreaks can be reduced by efficient acidification and maintaining a healthy gut flora. The NuSana antibacterial acidifier formulas are developed to be strong antibacterians and to reduce e.coli diarrhea outbreaks, resulting in the utmost performance.

Organic acids have antibacterial effects and reduce coliform bacteria in feed as well as in the intestinal tract. Our products are based on organic acids and maximize the use of antibacterial properties within organic acids, and are guaranteed to efficiently support healthy gut flora, gut health. The NuSana organic acid formula will reduce pathogenic bacteria like Escherichia Coli and Salmonella and simultaneously reduce the pH and buffer capacity of feed, resulting in a more favorable balance for positive micro flora in the gut.


Even in low quantities, Mycotoxins are known for their damaging effect on your animals’ performance. Low feed intake, reduced growth rate, decreased reproductive performance and/or weak immune status are just a few of them.

Our Toksinoblock products are composed of carefully selected ingredients. They have been thoroughly tested and have proven to bind Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin, T-2 toxin, Fumonisin and Zearalenon. Our nutritionists will find the perfect dosage of Toksinoblock enabling your pigs to perform in the best possible way.


Mold grows easily during storage, which can lead to fast deterioration of your pig feed and ingredients during storage. Mold growth is also associated with mycotoxins, which – even in low quantities – can have a devastating effect on the performance of your pigs. In addition, insects are known to infest grains and feeds during storage.

Our Mold inhibition products are composed of carefully selected organic acids and essential oils, and will protect your feed and grains against deterioration caused by mold growth. In addition it will decrease risks against insect infestation and effect intensive moisture control. Our products are cost efficient and protect grains and feed against a wide variety of mold species.


High pig performance requires a healthy gut that is able to digest and utilize feed optimally. It is known that toxins and pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella and Escherichia coli can adhere to gut wall and destroy gut wall integrity. Especially the newly weaned pig with its high stomach pH range – and therefore low immunity against bacteria – is a high risk animal.

Trials with butyric acid sources have shown many positive influences on the gut wall, its integrity and immune function resulting in increased performance. Our performance enhancing Tributyrin products are odorless sources of butyric acid, and support a healthy gut wall, optimal digestion and high performance at low cost.


Medium Chain Fatty acids and their glycerides have shown to have high antibacterial power against some well known pathogens in swine production. Results against Streptococcus and Staphyloccus strains are for instance readily available in literature. Based on fatty acid mono-glycerides like monolaurin and monopropioin, Lauriphorce solutions can help you to prevent the impact and support healthy and efficient pig production.

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