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Gut Health and Digestion

Butiphorce for Pigs

High pig performance requires a healthy gut that is able to digest and utilize feed optimally. Trials with butyric acid sources have shown many positive influences on the gut wall, its integrity and immune function resulting in increased performance. Butyric acid can be described as a nutrient for the gut wall cells, stimulating their development and function. Feeds can thereby better be digested and more nutrients come available to the animal leading to a higher performance. 

It is known that toxins and pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli can adhere to the gut wall and destroy gut wall integrity. Young animals are extra susceptible for such effects. Our performance enhancing Tributyrin products are odourless sources of butyric acid, and support a healthy gut wall, optimal digestion and high performance at low treatment cost.

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