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Other problem solving solutions:

Pellet Binder


Durebind is a low inclusion pellet binder for animal feed. Application of Durebind contributes to a high pellet quality c.q. durability and gives more flexibility in feed compositions. The low inclusion binder binds / glues feed components together so that pellet integrity is maintained during transport and storage.  

High pellet quality is of increasing importance due to the growing awareness of the positive effects of good pellets on Feed Conversion Ratio, increasing growth and animal uniformity. Good pellets also result in less feed waste, less dust and a higher feed density, which increases transport and storage capacity. 


  • improvement of the durability of pellets;
  • increasing the pellet strength;
  • supporting high animal performance;
  • reduction of feed waste;
  • improvement of transport and storage characteristics.


Mould Growth


Mouldblock is used to protect animal feed and grains from deterioration caused by mould growth. Mould growth easily occurs during storage and free condensation water can greatly accelerate the process. Mould growth is associated with mycotoxins, which in very low quantities can have serious effects on animal health and performance. Mouldblock is composed of carefully selected organic acids to protect the feed and grains against deterioration caused by mould growth.


  • protects against mould growth;
  • preventing the build-up of mycotoxins in feeds and raw materials;
  • preserves the full nutritional value;
  • prolongs shelf life.




Oxblock is used to protect animal feed and other ingredients against oxidation. The synergistic combination acts as an antioxidant and radical scavenger. By preventing oxidation, palatability is ensured and shelf life extended. Oxblock is easy to disperse throughout the feed. 


  • providing highly effective protection against oxidation;
  • prolongs shelf life;
  • improving palatability;
  • protecting fat-soluble vitamins and ingredients against oxidation;
  • excellent distribution throughout the feed.

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