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Pathogenic Challenges

Sanaphorce with high efficacy against gram-negative bacteria and strong reduction of stomach pH

E.coli diarrhea with piglets is a frequent problem, resulting in low growth rates, high feed conversion and increased medicine cost. The weaning diarrhea is related to the physiological development of the piglet at weaning. Antibacterial acidifiers of the Sanaphorce range assist the young piglet in reaching a low stomach pH. Additionally the antibacterial properties prevent fast multiplication of pathogens, such as E.coli and Salmonella, giving further assistance towards healthy microflora and high performance. 

Pressure from enterobacteria i.e. E.coli is basically always present. Clinical infections are often seen, but subclinically they also influence performance and antibiotic use in a negative way. Application of organic acids is a widely accepted approach to prevent the impact of gram-negative pathogens. Sanaphorce is a range of organic acid based, antibacterial acidifiers. Based on your targets, application areas and available facilities and our long term experience we can help choose and/or develop the Sanaphorce antibacterial acidifier that meets your antibacterial requirements.  

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