Poultry - Lauriphorce

Pathogenic Challenges

Lauriphorce antibacterial to maximize intestinal pathogenic protection

Lauriphorce is a range feed grade antibacterians targeting both gram-positive and gram-negative pathogenic bacteria. A healthy gut flora supports performance and high health status of your animals. Supporting animal health is also an efficient tool to reduce the need for antibiotics.

Its effectiveness against gram-positives, such as Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Clostridia and Staphylococcus, makes it an efficient tool to help prevent contamination and reduce the negative impact on growth rates, mortality, antibiotic use, and other production results. 

Medium Chain Fatty acids and especially their glycerides have shown to have high antibacterial power against some well known pathogens in poultry production. Results are readily available in literature. The antibacterial properties of mono-glycerides are not dependent on pH values, making them efficient under crop, gizzard and intestinal conditions and thus well suited for use in poultry feed. 

Lauriphorce is based on fatty acid mono-glycerides, such as monolaurin and monobutyrin. Lauriphorce is a strong antibacterial and antiviral. Moreover, Lauriphorce supports animal health and efficient poultry production. 

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