Poultry - SanaVit E500

Reduction of Vitamin Costs

SanaVit E500 stimulates performance and reduces feed cost

One of the important functions of vitamin E in animal nutrition is its function as metabolit antioxidant in the metabolism. Certainly in periods of stress, the metabolism of animals creates free radicals that can destroy cells and their structures. Metabolic antioxidants prevent such free radicals from their negative impact on metabolism.

Probably the most known metabolic anti-oxidant is Vitamin E. But not only vitamin E, also other natural compounds, such as specific polyphenols are known to contain efficient metabolic antioxidant functions. SanaVit E500 is a formulation of such natural polyphonels. SanaVit E500 has shown to be able to reduce diet cost in combination with improved performance. 

SanaVit E500 has a powerful and natural metabolic antioxidant function in the body of animals. Stress (such as heat stress, flock density, etc.) generally leads to metabolic stress in the form of free radical formation. Metabolic antioxidants must capture the free radicals to prevent metabolic oxidation and the damage of important cells and their functions.

SanaVit E500 is an excellent natural metabolic antioxidant and can therefore reduce oxidative stress. The elimination of oxidative stress leads to improved animal performance. SanaVit E500 is therefore an alternative to elevated vitamin E levels in animal feed and thereby reduces feed costs.

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