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Efficient Preservation of Silage

SafeSile for efficient preservation of silage 

When ensiling grains and roughage it is important to preserve as much as possible of the nutritional value for the animal. NuSana‚Äôs Safesile formulas are based on carefully selected organic acid combinations to not only accelerate the ensiling process by a fast drop in pH, but also preserves nutrients and prevents TMR heating after feeding. In addition Safesile holds organic acids with antibacterial and anti-mould properties, improving hygienic quality of ruminant rations. 

For a good ensiling process, it is necessary that lactic acid bacteria dominate other micro-organisms fast and efficiently, and produce sufficient lactic acid. The low pH created by lactic acid in combination with the absence of oxygen will create a stable silage.

The longer undesired bacteria, such as butyric acid bacteria and clostridia have the growth conditions to multiply, the lower the silage quality will be. And the longer microbes grow, the more nutrients are used and the lower the nutritional value of the silage.

Lactic acid bacteria are normally present in more than sufficient quantities on vegetable feed ingredients for a fast and efficient ensiling process. However, under unfavourable conditions, the multiplication of lactic acid bacteria may be delayed, giving other microbes the opportunity to grow. This would create a silage with higher numbers of undesired pathogenic bacteria and lower nutrient values. 

SafeSile silage preservatives focus on fast and efficient creation of a low pH in silages. The low silage pH supported by SafeSile creates favourable conditions for lactic acid bacteria over undesired bacteria, such as butyric acid bacteria and clostridia.

SafeSile has an energy value to the animal which basically reduces the cost for its application. And Safesile works against moulds and yeasts, preventing heating of the Silage/TMR after feeding.

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