We can help you to raise healthy animals and produce high-quality beef while maximizing your production efficiency. We know the complex digestive system of ruminants and we understand what your live-stock needs. By using our products and feeds your profitability will increase, guaranteed. Our ruminant feed and ingredients are available Worldwide.

Our flexible solutions for optimal ruminant performance, healthy animals and economical feed production are grouped in following product ranges:

Silage Preservation


Efficient preservation of silage. 

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Performance Improvement and Feed Cost Reduction

Noptima 155

Supports protein syntheses in ruminants to optimize rumen capacity in high productive animals.

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Performance Improvement and Feed Cost Reduction

SanaVit E500

Reduce vitamin cost and stimulates performance.

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Mycotoxin Control


Binding and inactivating of polar and non polar mycotoxins to stimulate health and performance.

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Other solutions

NuSana has more problem-solving products in the product portfolio.

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